Production 2013


46 self-propelled machines are produced for season 2013 in Salzkotten. 15 sugar beet harvester and 31 loading machines of the brand KLEINE. The machines will be delivered in time for the coming harvest season.

Visit of the Grimme-Technica


For the 5th time since 2004 the Grimme agricultural machinery factory organized the customer and distributor’s fair Grimme-Technica in Damme from 13/11 till 16/11/2012.

Directly after the positively run take-over negotiations this was a welcome occasion for the employee's team from Salzkotten to become acquainted to the company Grimme and the new colleagues. On 16/11/2012 a bus with 40 KLEINE employees started from Salzkotten in the direction of Damme. After a greeting by Franz Grimme, guided tours in the headquarters and in the new works in the business park “Niedersachsenpark” as well as the novelty show stood on the programme. Thanks to good and flexible cooperation a cleaning and loading machine type "Cleanliner Classic" with the new logo „KLEINE – A brand of the Grimme-Group“ could already be presented.

With more than 3,500 customers from 20 countries a record number of professional visitors was registered.

GRIMME takes over KLEINE


Damme, November-12, 2012 - Effective from November 15, 2012 Grimme has taken over the traditional sugar beet manufacturer Kleine in Salzkotten

and enables the traditional family owned Grimme company, well known around the world as specialist for potatoes, to also be a complete line manufacurer in the sugar beet section, 10 years after they started sugar beet harvesting manufacturing.

"The machine range of the sugar beet loading and cleaning technology from the Franz Kleine Vertriebs & Engineering GmbH, which reported financial problems this summer, is the ideal completion of the Grimme sugar beet technology" declares Franz Grimme of his latest activity in Salzkotten, 150 km away from the headquarter in Damme.

The 3-axle Grimme sugar beet harvester REXOR 630, with its 30 t bunker capacity and the reworked Kleine BeetLiner Compact self-propelled topper harvester with 12 t buffer bunker enlarge the product range to the widest program of sugar beet technology.

The strength and activities of both companies combine to-gether with the maximum of the core workers in Salzkotten today increases the already successful market position of Grimme sugar beet technology.

"We will manage it together as the loyal Kleine customer has a well known reliable and future oriented partner especially with the after sales section of Grimme in this new market group", said Roland Kratz, general sales manager of the sugar beet machinery division and member of the steering team.

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