Beetliner Compact

ew standards in terms of practical,
economical sugar beet harvesting

The Beetliner Compact has a bunker volume of 18 m³ and has two power guide axles. The compact drive unit at the rear ensures optimum weight distribution. The short wheelbase combined with the automatic all-wheel drive, low intrinsic weight and low centre of gravity make the “Compact” extremely manoeuvrable and outstandingly driving stability.

High-spec driver‘s cab with xenon lights as standard

Cleaning line with five large-scale screening stars

Standard integral combi-topper with “OPTI-CUT”

Conveyor system with nine conveyor and cleaning rollers

Steerable portal frame front frame for excellent harvesting rates

Mercedes Benz diesel engine OM460LA with performance adjusted to suit the individual model

Lifter with single oscillator, hydraulic stone protection system and innovative depth control