The engine

All Beetliners are fitted with the powerful yet efficient 6-cylinder OM460LA Mercedes Benz 12.8 litre diesel engine, with the engine performance tailored to the individual models. State-of-the-art exhaust processing (AdBlue technology) means that the engine fulfils the latest EU Stage 3B exhaust regulations (Western Europe). The hydrostatic drive ensures optimum power distribution across the front and rear axle drives or the axial piston motor in the mechanical rear axle in the Compact. The automotive control adjusts the engine speed and the relevant power output in a range between 1200 and 1600 rpm while lifting and when used on road. “Load-sensing hydraulics” are used in all Beetliners. This technology is extremely energy efficient as the hydraulic oil is conveyed around the system as required. This means that all the assemblies always have optimum drive power and saves fuel at the same time.