Bunker system

The 900 mm wide ring elevator is perpendicular to the direction of travel and fitted with plastic carriers to transfer the beets gently into the bunker from a small drop height. The speed can be adjusted to any level If used on the road, the whole elevator assembly is lowered hydraulically. The hydraulically powered bunker extruder allows optimum bunker filling. The bunker fill level is monitored using ultrasound sensors and shown on the driver’s display. As an option, the improved measuring system “FLOW-RECORD” can be activated. Using FLOW-RECORD, as early as whilst harvesting, you can record important data about the sugar beet harvest for transport logstics.

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The beets are unloaded through a 1400 mm wide, continuous unloading belt which can be adjusted to any height. The automatic unloading system means that the boom automatically moves to a pre-set unloading height. The transfer height of up to 4.50 m allows the use of large-scale transport vehicles for non-stop lifting. The entire unloading process is started and stopped at the press of a button. The transfer belt moves into the preselected saved position. The programmed effective unloading processs then follows and on completion, alerts the driver that the transfer belt is back in its working position.

The large transfer width allows clamps of up to 10 m wide to be deposited. The optimised discharge height of only one metre with low drop height ensures that gentle creation of the clamp of sugar beet.