The topper K6K 45/50 cm


The new standard integral combi-topper combines two functions which can be switched from the cab while in motion: The beet leaves can either be spread evenly across the field or deposited directly between the rows. This feeds nutrients precisely back into the soil and provides an ideal basis for minimal soil cultivation. The speed of the finely balanced chopper shaft can be steplessly adjusted to the leave and weed conditions. The integral combi-topper is driven by two height-adjustable hydraulic support wheels.

Scalper „OPTI-CUT“

The modified scalper, which now has a topping thickness system can be easily seen from the cab and is adjustable in terms of both height and head thickness. This guarantees perfectly accurate topping quality even when the crop or the operating conditions are variable. Maintenance effort is kept to a minimum by connecting it to the central lubrication system.

Service position

The entire topper can be swung up hydraulically through 80° for servicing work.