The topper K6K 45/50 cm


The newly developed lifter now has a single oscillator as standard for row distances of 45 cm. The options available are a hydraulically adjustable version which can be switched from 45 to 50 cm from the cab or a fixed 50 cm version.
The vibrating shares are powered by a hydraulic eccentric shaft. Speed, lifting depth and angle to the beet can be adjusted steplessly from the cab.
The smooth lateral 70 mm pendulum movement of the vibrating shares enables precise individual row adjustment. cpa daily ProstaLine.

Stone protection

The hydraulic stone protection system at the top is new. This protects the whole lifter. Depth control is pneumatically supported, adjustable from the cab and involves feeler wheels. Weeds and leaves are pressed down onto the soil by the feeler wheels and form a counter-shearing surface to the vibrating shares. Blockage-free lifting is therefore guaranteed.
The preselected speed of the hydraulically driven conveyor shaft is automatically adjusted to the lifting speed. In order to protect adjacent rows, the topper and lifters can be adjusted 150 mm to the left or right.

The lifter is automatically switched off when the machine stops in order to optimise the efficiency of the drive.