Cleaning line

Right behind the lifter is the newly developed, hydraulically powered and reversible roller unit which is made up of three continuous rollers and six stub rollers. The loose earth accumulating during the lifting process is guided over the rollers back to the ground. In the combination roller unit–screening star, the beets are already pre-cleaned under the large-scale portal axle. Here, the beets are gently pre-cleaned and moved directly on the screening star with no transport belt required. The speed of the rollers can be steplessly adjusted to the conditions.

The “five star cleaning system” on the new Beetliners works cleanly and gently and guarantees really high levels of screening efficiency. The newly developed portal frame front axis has considerably increased throughput between the front wheels. The long, 12-metre cleaning line allows the screened soil to be distributed evenly over the field. The newly designed unit also allows high levels of throughput even in the most difficult conditions without compromising on cleaning results. The screening stars are hydraulically powered and can be individually adjusted to any speed. The screening star covers made of gates or spring tines (optional) can be adjusted. Thanks to the newly designed screen star frames that can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab, the effective cleaning position of the screen star covers can be pre-selected. The beets are transferred at an optimum speed over the screen stars into the large-scale ring elevator.