Cargoliner Beetliner


The 6-row power pack KLEINE Cargoliner and Beetliner with a large effective volume of up to 50 tons for non-stop harvesting.

Convincing in theory and praxis

  • “Mouse”-compatible unloading
  • Clearly arranged transfer
  • Trouble-free handling even if there are obstructions
  • Effective, with true tracking

“Mouse”-compatible clamp building without cumbersome shunting thanks to lateral approach to the clamp or approach to the truck.

Essential advantages at a glance

  • Low idle time at the clamp
  • High-performance
  • Supplemental cleaning when unloading
  • Low axle load due to the low deadweight
  • Practical payload
  • Large tyres
  • Soil conserving
  • Effective, reliable

Required tractor equipment

  • 2 double-acting hydraulic control device (Hydraulic connector ARGUS 32 long)
  • Two-circuit compressed air brake system (Connector - KNORR KU 1304/1305)
  • Power take-off shaft 750 min-¹
  • Power take-off shaft connection 1 3/8 - 6-piece
  • Power supply 12 V (1x socket 2-pole / 1x socket 3-pole / 1x socket 7-pole)
  • Drawbar eye K80 / other on request
  • Tractive force at least 120 KW

Road Travel

  • Boom easily retracts and arrests in place
  • Stable frame construction with a clearly organised and optimised hopper

Field use

In field use naturally the boom can also be retracted and placed on the payload, for example to drive under obstacles such as power lines, telephone lines, trees and bushes and to transport the beets to distant storage locations.

Technical Data

Length 7.60 m
Width field use 3.00 m
Width road travel 3.00 m
Height 4.00 m
Weight Empty 6,100 kg
Bunker Volume 28 m³
Tank Capacity 18 t
Wheels 800 / 65 R 32
Transfer height up to 4.20 m

technical changes possible, state 10/11