Cleanliner Mega

Cleanliner Mega - the intake concept

First introduced to the world market with the RL 350 V, the proven concept of the V-shaped intake with a 10 m width and 15 m transfer section has been further developed in the new Cleanliner Mega.

The intake concept of the Cleanliner Mega from KLEINE satisfies the requirements of those who use it in practice – the loading of beets in wide stacks with intensive but gentle cleaning during the loading process. KLEINE has patented this intake principle and continues to develop it further.

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In this loading process, the sugar beets are transferred centrally and outwardly from the cone-shaped pile of beets by their own gravitational force. The open V of the Mega intake system encourages the pile to travel downwards.

The sugar beets are also carried along by the momentum of their own rolling. The V-shaped arrangement of the Cleanliner Mega cleaning and loading machine intake table means that it not only grabs the beets from the ends but the design also enables it to break down the conical pile of beets from the sides, guiding them towards the intake table.

The distribution of beets across the full width of the intake table is therefore substantially improved. The cleaning of the beets for loading takes place over a substantially extended cleaning line, a process that ensures a more intensive cleaning effect.

Without additional redirection of the flow of beets, they are gently transferred over the combing rollers to the spiral rollers by means of the new arrangement of claw rollers. The new, long spiral rollers with the longer cleaning line on the side tables promote more effective subsequent cleaning on the centre table. The counterrotation of the rollers increases the cleaning line and the beets are moved more strongly. Leaves and tops are better removed with this counterrotation, which in turn improves the screening-off of the soil.

With a loading width of over 10 m, the Mega can optionally be supplied with a left side table and fitted pile separator that is 2 m shorter.

Replacing the claw and star rollers with spiral rollers (optional) at the side tables enables the beets to be loaded from fixed storage areas (concrete).

The water spray device (optional) on the side tables, which can be switched on and off as required, ensures that the beets are cleaned even more gently. The special individual and intermittent switching ensures that the water supply is sufficient to last for a long working day.

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An additional axle is needed to travel on public roads in the Federal Republic of Germany; this is available as an optional extra.