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The list of benefits claimed for the novel elevatortype cleaning system, devoleped by Kleine, for its new SF 20 six row self-propelled sugar-beet harvester include a faster rate, reduced damage and cleaner beet.
After testing two pre-produktion versions of the SF 20 under a wide range of conditions in europe, including a recent demonstration in the U K, we are all so confident about the performance of our new cleaning mechanism and the main design, that we start a produktion batch of 10 new SF 20s for 2004.
They will be built alongside the existing SF 10-2 six-row sugar-beet harvster were we already confirmed a number of 100 machines for 2004 and the self-propelled cleaner-loader RL 200 SF by a smaler number of 10 for the comming season. The trailed loading
support LS-18 is taken over with a new design as well.

The designer has added a new topper which is claimed to be the first to offer a choice of distribution modes selected from the cab.
The driver can either drop the leaves between the rows ahead of the lifting shares, or spread them sideways on to previously harvested ground and no tools are needed to switch the distribution mode.
The oscilation share system has already got new eccentric gear shafts on the well known lifter, to make sure of longer lastings .

The cleaning process starts with a bank of seven full-width rollers positioned just behind the lifting shares. Initial cleaning and destoning is down to the rollers as they transfer freshley lifted beet to the bottom of a 1.0 metre wide elevator mounted on the right hand side of the harvester.
Cleaning continues while the roots move up the elevator and final stage is a series of 14 rollers with a star-shaped profile, before the beet is transfered gently into the hopper of 30 cu metres.

All the main components of the system have hydraulic drives with independent speed control allowing the throughput and the cleaning action to be fine-tuned from the Claas-designed cab.

Power of the SF 20 is supplied by the electronically managed six-cylinder Volvo Penta engine TWD 1240 VE, with 435 hp reated output by a max of 1500 rpm.

The hydrostatic transmission makes sure for a top speed in the field range and a sucssesfull speed on the road, with permanent four-wheel drive.

The SF 20 is on lightweight : with the 1000-litre tank full of diesel it weights in at 21.177 kg increasing 42.000 kg with a full 20 tonnes load of beet in the hopper.
( incl. seasons mud on headder )
To reduce soil damage, the weight is carried on four 1.100 m wide 73x44.00-32 radial tyres with 2.0 bar inflation pressure.

The SF 20 features :
- combi pre-topper, integral and conventional
- reduces soil compaction
- gently on sureface
- economic benefit
- easy maintenance
- original Kleine

PRO-AKTIVE SF 20 comming up in 2004
-Germany ( Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, NRW, Bayern )

Do not hesistate to ask for more details.

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