In order to fulfil the requirements of the customer we have developed a self-driving sugar-beet full harvester, which clearly distinguishes itself from the competitors on the market.

SF 10-2

In order to fulfil the requirements of the customer we have developed a self-driving sugar-beet full harvester, which clearly distinguishes itself from the competitors on the market.
After a successful test and experiment phase we presented the first machines of type SF 10 1994 built in series on the market.
The machine with an own weight of approximately 16 t and a surge tank of 10 t was accepted by the customer very well. The harvesting concept of NON-STOP six-row stumping and bunkering has constantly been further developed with the practical experts until today.
During the period of time of 1994 until inclusively 2005, 840 machines were built, which are being used on the sugar beet fields covering the needs worldwide.
This produced number of pieces within 10 years confirms the customer acceptance for this harvesting procedure – today type SF 10-2.
We would like to present you now the following features concerning the technical state of SF 10-2:
The combination chopper from KLEINE is the only one on the market which facilitates both variants of leaf distribution, and it can be adjusted during work from the cabin – thus without any tools.

The combination chopper from KLEINE is the only one on the market which admits the leaf distribution conventionally or integrally. The integral chopper has been becoming increasingly important on the market for a longer time. Practical experience has shown that in case of strong weed and above-average leaf cover it was necessary to distribute the leaf outside the working range on the field, which has already been harvested. Both variants of leaf distribution guarantee a very good stumping quality.

Stump grubber:
The linear polder blade, which can be laterally moved, was further developed for the purpose of improvement of the exposure and preparation time. Two coupling bars per blade body guarantee mechanical stability under all stumping conditions and careful harvesting without loss in the blade area. “Today” the eccentric bearings consist of a casing with spherical roller bearing and shaft seals as additional seal.

Concerning the cleaning distance
The combination of roller operation / screening wheels in connection with the spring mounted external coverings have proven themselves and have remained modern.
The circulation elevator, equipped with synthetic material carriers ensures a careful transfer of the beet into the hopper with a low height of fall. The hopper has remained in its size of 15 m³. New is the mass-produced transferring band extended by approximately 300 mm. All aggregates of the SF 10-2 are driven electrically-hydraulically and can be operated from the Class comfort cabin.

The auxiliary drives are supplied by gear pumps with oil in the open circulation.
In the closed hydraulic system the topper and stump grubber are powerfully driven by an axial reciprocating pump.
The driving mechanism has an extended axial reciprocating pump in connection with an adjusting motor depending on the pressure at the rear axle, which was taken over from insights of the state-of-the-art driving technology. For this reason, the comparison with the constant motor at the front axle is more stable. The new LS- hydraulic pump in the SF 10-2 also controls in case of very unfavourable conditions the following elements in the optimal speeds according to the performance demand:
- the depth automatic
- the autopilot
- the circulation elevator
- the chopper filling snail
- steering and brake are superposed

The intelligent omnipotent machine gets its heartbeat by the efficient 12 litre – VOLVO-Penta motor TWD 1240 VE with 6 cylinders in series, new injection system pump / nozzle and bus-controlled motor management. The motor has 370 PS and this at maximum 1700 U/min. This modern conception guarantees a diesel saving of up to 25 % compared to the predecessor model and additionally fulfils the EC-guidelines. The new central technology is supplied with 24 Volt and guarantees a secure power supply for the whole system control until the working headlights.

Data about the operational state of the machine are visibly presented. Critical operational values are optically and acoustically announced. The new proportionally controlled steering unit offers secure driving comfort during the field work. At turning manoeuvres, for example, at the front case, the all-wheel steering is automatically activated.
The comfort cabin is low-noise, driver-friendly and offers a good all-round view. On demand, the same can be equipped with air-conditioning. The SF 10-2 is equipped with a Beka – Max central lubricating plant as standard feature, which safely supplies 156 lubricating points with grease in measured doses. This all means, with the SF 10-2 the firm KLEINE presents you a machine with great efficiency in all areas:

- high space efficiency by NON-STOP stumping
- economic due to reasonable purchase price
- increase harvest performance by means of variable working ranges which can be adjusted from the cabin
- high safety of use through adaptable aggregates during the work
- high manoeuvrability, short wheelbase, all-wheel steering at the front case
- low floor pressure through low weight of machine
- optimal harvest quality by means of intensive cleaning at a simultaneous
- careful treatments of beets
- short times of preparation through electrical-hydraulic operation
- low additional costs through construction groups which are structured in a clear, service-friendly manner

LS 18

The arrangement of the mouse-oriented beet stacking belongs to the efficient “non-stop” harvest procedure.

At many impact and way structures this means for the sugar-beet full harvester a high loss of time to make the optimal field edge stack. Therefore it has to be considered for investments to use system vehicles for the optimised stack result.
The system vehicle takes over the sugar beets during the tour from the full harvester and increases the performance of the six-row stumping system until 30 %. The economic use of the system vehicle is already lucrative from an increase in performance of the harvest procedure by 20 %. Our customer-oriented reply is LS 18 as efficient system vehicle with low own weight and reasonable live weight.
The LS 18 is tractor haulage and offers with an own hydraulic system and electrical operation a simple comfort.

The advantages are:
- the long laterally structured extension arm guarantees the result of a high
mouse-oriented beet harvest
- lateral driving off prevents traces within the beet stack
- an additional cleaning effect is achieved by the vertical scraper floor, the
conveying snail and the unloading band
- capacity 26 m²
- further optional equipments on demand.

RL 200 SF

The range of products of the company Franz Kleine is rounded off by the self-driving cleaning and loading system RL 200 SF. With the RL 200 SF we present you a machine, which is economical, safe, robust and has an excellent loading capacity. The absorption consists of a three-structured table with a working range of 8.00 metres. By means of finger and star rollers the beets are carefully taken up and conveyed through horizontally situated, contra-rotating rollers to the centre.
Six vertical and cleaning rollers take over the further transport of the beets.
The remaining dirt is sieved through the elevator bands with corresponding falling steps. The loading capacity can be at 250 t / h depending on the soiling level of the beets. The mass-produced overloading band with a length of 13.20 m provides professional loading. The Claas comfort cabin offers a low-noise working place with well accessible operational elements like terminal and multi-function lever.

The thought-out chassis in its compact, clear type of construction has a low centre of gravity with the MAN motor installed in the rear and thus can be used under all conditions. The hydraulic drive, which is continuously variable, is equipped with a mechanical all-wheel drive and a differential block which can be pneumatically connected.
The six cylinder MAN motor with 280 PS corresponds to the Euro norm 3 and is extremely economic with the consumption of 2.5 l per 25 tons of loaded beets. The monitoring of the table control, top of the band and backward drive is respectively carried out by a camera and informs the driver in the cabin through a flat screen monitor. The rotating collecting roller, which is controlled by the multi-function lever, takes over the collection of remaining beets at the end of the stack. Of course, the central grease system is a standard feature. As an option we offer the installation of scales as well as air-conditioning.