Loader L 6 | Franz Kleine

The loader L 6 lifts up the beet-lengthwise windrows still to 6 rows, cleans the beet and transports them over a crossing-elevator on a carriage moving alongside.

The loader L 6 is manufactured very robustly with an easy operation.

The loader L 6 is suspended at the soil rail of the tractor, so that the lifting up-belts can be lifted and dropped hydraulically over the soil rail.

The beet lifting up occurs over sieve-belts. There will be obtained a high cleaning effect during the beet-lifting up, because of the different running speeds of the upper belt and the under belt. The following great sieve wheel cleans carefully again and transports the beets into the crossing-elevator.

The lifting up and cleaning can be adapted to the different harvesting conditions.

The crossing-elevator is manipulated hydraulically from the tractor seat.

The overloading height can be adjusted infinitely variable to 3,70 m, so that also high carriages can be loaded without problems.

  • Conical turbine gathering
  • Two large cleaning turbines
  • Transfer elevator for direct transfer to trailers

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