Topper K 6 II and Lifter R 6

The six row topper K 6 II
for front attachment

K6 II is pushed through the beet field by the forwarding driving tractor. The delolator flatts defollate the beet leaves in front of the tractor wheels. The leaf cleaner cleans the beet from all leaf rests. The feeler assembly tops the beets free from any problems or losses - by cutting low-standing beads more and highstanding heads less. The falled beet leaves are transported out of the machine by a cross suger conveyor distributing it on the field or conveying it on trallers alongade.

The 6-row lifter R6
for rear attachment

Power-driven lifting coulters lift the topped beets safely and carefully. An additional beet impeller shaft cleans the beets thoroughly and provides for the transport to the cleaning and collecting rollers without interference. By the rollers, the beets are brought into a windrow and placed down centrally. The complets cleaning rollers are parallely adjustable in height. The lifter is supported via wheels which are freely suspended.

Optional equipment:
A sleve star wheel can be attached behind the rollers in order to warrant a more intensive beet cleaning prooses.