Intelligent control - Perfect control

The KLEINE „Mouse“ proves its superiority with its range of functions and intelligence. This is based on fact that an on-board computer is provided as a standard feature for precision control of the job computer on the specific machine operating assembly via a CAN bus.

It is also possible to equip the RL 200 SF with a weighing scale. This serves for recording the momentary quantity of beet as well as the total quantity loaded. It determines remaining quantities very simply and helps avoid overloading the vehicle.

A clear control panel with integrated terminal and multifunction level makes control of the machine simple and allows control of all primary functions „at a glance“. It is only necessary to press a few buttons to move the RL 200 SF to the transport or operating position or adjust the height of the pickup table, the feed or the speed of all drums and belts with the operating menu.

The RL 200 SF is equipped with two, high resolution infrared cameras as standard equipment. They supply images on the nine inch monitor in the cab, on which the exact depth guidance of the pickup table as well as the vehicle load can be observed.