The special model TRITON –
the self-driving sugar beet lifter
from Franz Kleine

The self-driving SF10-2 sugar beet lifter, proven hundreds in times in practice, known for its high profitability, and high capacity, is celebrating its anniversary. 1500 units have been built in Salzkotten in East Westphalia since 1994. To mark this occasion, Franz Kleine is bringing the special model - the TRITON - in a limited edition onto the market in good time for the 2010 season.

The Triton succeeds both with convincing performance in the field, and an incredible appearance in the new outfit. Its equipment is not only uncompromising top-quality, but is markedly extensive, and with its many extras the challenges in the field can be easily mastered.

The TRITON is convincing at first glance due to its compactness and manoeuvrability However its "inner values" do not play a secondary role; a variety of technical highlights enable the TRITON to become an experience.

Topper and lifter, constructed as high-quality separate units, can be perfectly adapted to the specific conditions. To adapt to different beet crops, topping thickness and height can be adjusted from the cabin. Naturally when lifting the TRITON is steered via the front axle and rear axle, so that the driver can concentrate on the essential - exploiting the full capacity of the lifter.

The comfortable, acoustically insulated, large-surface glazed cabin with wide entry shows that Franz Kleine has thought of the subjective condition of the driver, who performs his work here. It convinces through the outstanding quality of workmanship and perfect ergonomics, functionality and clearly arranged operating elements. The driver information systems work elegantly and satisfy the highest standard of quality and workmanship. For all tasks when it is dark, the scales and instruments are illuminated by cockpit lighting. With the ergonomic commander stick the driver has all relevant functions in hand, in the truest sense of the word. The steering column can be adjusted with a single hand movement, and thus enables a relaxed sitting posture. The factory-installed footwell heater enables trouble-free adjustment of the individual wellness climate. Likewise the factory-installed mobile telephone has a hands-free set with Bluetooth interface.

Integrated Xenon spotlights are important for a good view, in precisely the same manner that a clean windscreen is important for a good view. For night work or in poor visibility conditions they improve illumination and are factory-installed for the TRITON for your safety equipment, as are the electrically adjustable outside mirrors.

The TRITON logo on the cabin roof accentuates the new outfit of the special model.

The Volvo Penta 6-cylinder straight engine with turbocharger achieves a high level of efficiency and thus converts the lion's share of the energy stored in the fuel into performance.

For an additional charge you can upgrade your TRITON with a printer to verify hectare efficiency and diesel consumption per customer.

He who aspires to higher things must pursue a clear goal.
For example the TRITON. With its new design and top-quality factory equipment it ensures that you will quickly reach your goal.

The way to your TRITON can be very easy and uncomplicated.

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Sondermodell TRITON Draufsicht


Anniversary extras

  • Soil distributor
  • Xenon light package
  • Footwell heater
  • Camera monitoring
  • Mobile phone with hands-free speaking system
  • Electric mirror adjustment
  • Anniversary paint finish
  • Wear parts package


Sondermodell TRITON Flyer

Folder special model TRITON


Motor Volvo Penta TAD 1251 VE; 286 kW / 374 PS; 6-cylinder, EURO 3
Hopper15 m³; transfer height 4.20 m
Hydrostatic traction drive
Tyres front710/70 R38
Tyres rear750/45-30.5
Factory-equipped with normal topper 45 cm
Anniversary extras
Soil distributor
Xenon light package
Footwell heater
Camera monitoring
Mobile telephone with holder, charger station and Bluetooth's hands-free speaking system (without SIM card)
Electric mirror adjustment
Anniversary paint finish (yellow-blue) with anniversary logo
Wear parts package
2-day instruction at first use from a F. Kleine Customer Service Specialist
Guarantee – 1 harvest