Effective cleaning

The pickup system consists of a three-piece table with a pickup width of 8.00 m. The beet are picked up by finger drums and star drums and transported over four horizontal drums rotating in opposite directions to the middle of the machine, here they are transported on by six longitudinal conveying and cleaning drums. Hydraulically adjustable skids are located on both sides for exact depth guidance of the pickup device. The side rakes are also hydraulically adjustable for optimum adaptation to the width of the heap.

Stones stuck in the drums or other malfunctions are eliminated quickly and simply with the aid of the automatic reversing mechanism.

The RL 200 SF picks up remaining beet with a special pick-up drum, whose three-dimensional motion is controlled by the multifunction level in the cab.

The drums in the receiver ensure particularly effective cleaning in combination with the six longitudinal drums rotating in opposite directions. Any soil remaining on the beet is screened out by the elevator belts with corresponding drop stages. The screen belts are designed with widths of 80 cm, 90 cm, and 100 cm to ensure high performance at low conveying speeds, to prevent damage to the beet.

The metering pusher above the longitudinal drums acts to decrease the flow of beet, when they are extremely dirty, to achieve better cleaning results. Moreover the metering pusher prevents „frozen beet“ i.e. clumps of beet and soil frozen together, from reaching the belts, thereby preventing damage to the conveyer belts.