The first V-shaped pick-up worldwide with a width of 10 m.

FRANZ KLEINE's RL 350 V is a cleaning and loading machine with a totally new concept of picking up beets, meeting the expectations of professionals: The loading of broad clamps and an intensive while at the same time gentle cleaning during the loading operation. FRANZ KLEINE has filed a patent application for this pick-up cycle.

During the loading process, the beets spin with their own gravity towards the mid and outer direction out of the dumping cone shape of the set-up clamp. The open V of the new RL 350 V pick-up favours the undercutting of the beets. Furthermore, the beets are being picked up from the natural flow of their own rolling motion.

The newly designed pick-up table of the cleaning and loading machine RL 350 V with its V-shaped array does not only pick up the beets from the front but supports with this construction the side-slipping of the beets' dumping cone towards the pick-up tables. Therefore, the distribution of the beets over the whole width of the pick-up table has been substantially improved. The cleaning of the beets to be loaded is carried out over a significantly longer cleaning track. By applying this new technique we ensure an intensified cleaning effect.

Without additional deflection of the beet flow, the beets are being gently transferred with the newly arranged finger rollers to the helical rollers over the comb roller. Likewise, the new long helical rollers in combination with the longer cleaning track on the lateral tables favour an even more effective subsequent cleaning on the middle table. The contrary motion of the rollers extends the cleaning track and the beets are moved with greater force. Leaves and petioles are separated better during the counterrotation. A fact that facilitates the sifting of the soil.

Pick-up tables

During road travel, the pick-up tables are deposited in a parallel postion on the outsides of the vehicle. This array gives the driver a broad view over the whole vehicle while driving on the road. An obstructed view for the driver by non fully retracted pick-up tables can be completely ruled out. Security during road travel has been enhanced significantly. The swiveling of the tables into pick-up or resting position is tractor independent, i.e. with the respective end postions, the motion is being controlled precisely. The swiveling of the tables into pick-up or resting position is course-dependent, i.e. the motion can be precisely controlled before the respective end postions.

Combined with the proportional valve technology, the required time for the swiveling motion of the complete pick-up is being reduced despite an extended swivel course. Increasing the working width to 10m, the ratio of the beet mass to the helical rollers increases accordingly in the outer area of the new V-shaped pick-up. This ensures the effective use of the entire helical roller area and therefore improves the intensity of cleaning. The drives of the side roller tables have been completely redesigned and set up in a service-friendly manner.

Advantages of the new V-shaped pick-up of the KLEINE RL 350 V