FRANZ KLEINE's RL 350 V is the first cleaning and loading machine worldwide to be equipped with a swing cabin. With the new parallel kinematics, different cabin positions for road travel and loading can be realised. Just because of this, it is possible to take into account the various requirements while driving and loading.

During road travel, the cabin is in a close position to the road, giving the driver very good visibility conditions and therefore safe control over the machine. For loading purposes, the cabin is steered into the upper postion at the touch of a button. The driver's seat is 4.80 m above street level and guarantees an ideal overview and the control of the loading situation. At the touch of a button, the cabin can be maneuvered either into road travel or loading position. Positions in between are also possible.


The control of the RL 350 V has been completely redesigned. All main components are powered by performance-regulated hydraulics. They are equipped with a consistent monitoring system. The software and the control elements arranged on the terminal and the console offer a variety of functions and fine adjustments that contribute to safety, harvest quality, and fatigue-free work. A split-screen colour video monitor keeps the driver informed about the different work levels of the RL 350 V.