31 t load in 4 minutes with a diesel consumption of only 2.1 liter!!!

Highly efficient cleaning and loading system

The prolongated longitudinal cleaning rollers increase the cleaning intensity. The beets are transferred from the longitudinal cleaning rollers to the feeding belt via a well-engineered winnowing step which facilitates the cleaning of the beets. The feeding belt of the new RL 350 V is arranged horizontally to optimize the effective transport of the beet flow towards the centre belt. The winnowing step for conveying the beet flow is a KLEINE standard. The centre belt conveyes the beets via an additional winnowing step to the transfer belt. Subsequently, the transfer belt, with the aid of an adjustable belt tip, delivers the beets to the logistics fleet at the edge of the field.

The steering geometry of centre belt and transfer belt is technically perfected and controllable from the driver's cab via a multifunction lever. The 340° swivelling range enables a trouble-free transfer to all sides. The transfer width of 13.20 m is a standard.

Residual beet pick-up

The RL 350 V's newly designed residual beet pick-up outperforms the conventional systems and significantly relieves the driver by using simple control systems via a multifunctional lever from within the cab.