Adapted hopper filling

The conveyor belt moves alongside the cleaning track in the direction of the beet flow of the turbine cleaning in order to take over the beets gently and deliver them with a low dropping height to the beet hopper. Synthetic fingers are screwed to the belt band. The spaces between the fingers are arranged in a curved way, guaranteeing an effective beet flow directly into the hopper. The innovative main frame of the cleaning track has an automatic control and can be shifted vertically. That way, we guarantee a constant working height without a negative pivot point towards the lifting unit.

The transfer operation is done easily. The high pivot point of the transfer belt ensures the effective transfer of the sugar beets into the transport vehicles at an extremely low dropping height. The optimised temporary hopper has the task to bridge the switch of transfer vehicles.


The temporary hopper holds up to 15 m³. During the lifting operation, the hopper can be completely emptied in just one minute. The transfer height is infinitely variable from 2.00 m to 4.00 m. Moreover, the transport vehicle is not constrained to pass through the beet crop when starting to lift long plots. It can follow the SF 10-2 in the already lifted row.