SF 10-2

Length 10.40 m
Width3.35 m
Height4.00 m
Empty weight16.220 kg
Engine (Standard)TWD 1240 VE, 275 kW (374 hp ), 6 cylinder, 12 l. Engine size, turbo-supercharger, charge cooler, Euro standard
Engine (Option)TAD 1251 VE, 286 kW (390 hp), 6 cylinder, 12 l. Engine size, turbo-supercharger, Euro standard 3A
Engine speed1.400 - 1.700 rpm
Tank capacity610 l.
Front axlePortal axle Fifth-wheel steering
Rear axleRigid axle, pendulous with hydraulic slope support, axle pivot steering
Front tires710/70 R 38
Rear tires750/45-30,5
Wheel base3.80 m
DriveStatic displacement drive, with 3-phase gear, infinitely variable speed, forward and reverse
1. gear 0 - 6 km/h
2. gear 0 - 12 km/h
3. gear 0 - 20 km/h
Rear axle driveInfinitely pressure controlled
SteeringPre-selectable steering mode on front and rear axle (programmable all-wheel drive)
Row width:45 cm standard, for other row widths, see optionals
Hopper capacity15 m³
Transfer heightFrom 2.00 m to 4.20 m, infinitely variable
Transfer width1.40 m
Steering automaticLeaf sensors (via topper on rear axle) Steering sensors (via lifter on front axle)
TopperStandard 45 cm Integrated chopper (see optionals)
Automatic depth controlVia ground pressure control
Hydraulic drivesRotor shaft, leaf centrifuge, lifting assembly, drum shaft with reversing mechanism, turbines (single circuit), beet elevator, hopper filling worm, hopper emptying belt, load sensing performance-controlled (LS-Proportional), automatic switchon/ switchoff (beginning of field/ end of field)
Comfort cabin Air-suspended driver’s seat, passenger seat, multi-functional lever, BASIC-terminal TOP, operator control panel, steering terminal, radio
Central electrics24 volt
Lighting According to Road Traffic Regulations for road travel Optimised lighting for field work
Central lubrificationAs a standard
technical changes possible, state 10/07