Topping and lifting from the untrodden soil

Topper and lifter have been constructed as separate units. Both, integrated and standard topper, are guided by hydraulically adjustable support wheels. They are equipped with leaf chopper, leaf auger, leaf spreader and scalper sensors. To adapt to different beet crops, topping thickness and height can be adjusted from the cabin. A pressure memory provides for the simultaneous relief of the topper. This way, the front support wheels just scan the soil without sinking in when the soil is wet.

The hydraulic vibration shares are driven by an eccentric shaft. The rpm are adjustable from the cabin. The vibration shares have a lateral pendulum movement of 30 mm to the right and 30 mm to the left. The speed of the hydraulically driven transport shaft in the share body can be adapted to operating conditions. What makes the SF 10-2 really interesting for joint operations, are row widths that can be adjusted from the cabin. The resetting to different row widths takes only a few seconds. Integrated flexibility: Vibration shares and topper are being moved hydraulically to set different row widths. Support wheels, steering sensors, depth control sensors and transport shaft are being moved manually to the respective row width.

  1. Sensors
  2. Defoliator (flail topper)
  3. Leaf auger
  4. Scanning device for topper
  5. Transport shaft
  6. Walking shares
  7. Transport and cleaning drums
  8. Turbines