cleaning system

Efficient standard

A combination of roller table and turbines separates the adhering soil and conveys the beets directly onto the turbines. This extremely long cleaning track with its 5 turbines increases the cleaning intensity enormously.

The five-star cleaning system of the self-propelled SF 10-2 operates in a clean and gentle way. Separated soil is distributed evenly onto the field. Roller table and turbines have an hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed. The delivery into the hopper is carried out at a constant, low dropping height irrespective of the actual filling level. The hopper capacity is 15 m³. The prolongated transfer belt guarantees an ideal transfer as well as the possibility of setting up big clamps. All the units of the SF 10-2 have a hydraulic drive being controllable from the cabin.

The intended limitation of the maximum weights, by hopper filling and by applying changeable ways of driving with different proportions of track surface, meet the requirements of preemptive soil protection. The integration of SF 10-2 and LS 18-2 in a non-stop harvesting process reduces soil pressure.

Optimum beet flow on 12 meter long cleaning path through the SF 10-2