SF 20 | Franz Kleine | Franz Kleine Vertriebs & Engineering GmbH
Length12,00 m
Width3.38 m
Height3.90 m
Empty weight21.770 kg incl. 1000 l Diesel
EngineVOLVO PENTA 12 l TWD 1240 VE, Emission acc. to EPA/CARB/EEC/ISO 8178, 6 in-line cylinders
Water to air – air charged cooler
Inline pump direct injection, fully electronic engine management EDC 2, Output 320 kW (435 HP)
Fuel tank1000 l
DrivePermanent all-wheel drive, interaxle differential 100% locking, electro-hydraulically actuated, type: disc plate
TransmissionTransfer case hydrostatically driven
1st gear 0-12 km/h infinite
2nd gear 0-20 km/h infinite
AxlesPlanetary steered axle with integrated constant velocity cylinder, front and rear axle steering angle 20 degrees
Front axleRigid axle
Rear axleSwinging axle with hydraulic support on main frame.
SteeringSteering knuckle steering, alternatively all-wheel steering, front-wheel steering, crab steering, overdrive, automatic steering on both axles
BrakesHydraulically operated wet-type multi-disc brakes effective on all wheels
Parking brakehydraulically actuated spring loaded brake, manually actuated.
TyresFront and rear: Four radial tyres of equal size, 73x44.00-32, width 1100 mm, inflation pressure 2.0 bar, height 1850 mm.
Wheel base4.10 m
Hopper capacity30 m (20.5 t)
Transfer heightInfinitely adjustable from 2.00 m to 4.10 m
Transfer width1.40 m, belt speed infinitely adjustable.
Row width45 cm or 50 cm,
45/50 cm adjustable
Automatic steeringWith steering sensors for sensing rows
Automatic depth adjustmentWith two, mutually independent groups of sensors in front of lifting shares with integrated hill compensation.
Hydraulic driveRotor shaft, leaf centrifuge, lifting assembly with conveyer shaft, drum shaft with reversing mechanism, sieve stars, beet elevator, hopper filling worm, hopper emptying belt.
Comfort cabPneumatically suspended drivers seat, passenger seat, air conditioning (optional), multifunction lever, on-board computer
Central lubricationStandard feature