SF 20 integrated pre-topper | Franz Kleine | Franz Kleine Vertriebs & Engineering GmbH

The completely redesigned integrated pre-topper is available in two versions for optimum beet leaf distribution. The best prerequisite for minimizing soil cultivation and exact distribution of leaf nutrients in ensured by placing the leaves between the rows of beet. However under extreme conditions it is possible to change the leaf distribution to the previously harvested 6rows, directly from the cab.

Two independent operating groups of probes mounted in front of the harvesters’ shares guide the pertopper precisely along the ground. If the topping height changes the operator can easily adjust the device hydraulically. The two probe skids located on the outside for additional support are also controlled by a ‘state of the art’ hydraulic system. To prevent the rotor shaft from working into the soil and collecting dirt, the two probe skids are always remain in contact with the ground.

The hydraulically driven lateral conveying worm installed as a standard feature, matches the innovative concept of the new integrated pretopper on the SF 20. The speed is infinitely adjustable wich also has a reversing mechanism incorporated.

And if that isn‘t already enough – the designers have succeeded in reducing the weight and the front end dimensions.